How is the true corporate credibility of the company?

One word that can often be heard recently - corporate credibility. Mercedes-Benz rights protection incident, Wufangzhai food hygiene issues, once again pushed the issue of corporate integrity to the cusp.

After gaining market recognition, many well-known companies have unscrupulously begun to trust the consumer users, tearing up the image labels that are hard to build, and we call this behavior the destruction of corporate personality.

However, there is a strange phenomenon in China. Enterprises that have been destroyed by personality will experience this process again after a period of brewing, as if they are chronic diseases. So what made this kind of corporate disease?

To figure this out, you must first understand a concept - credibility. Credibility refers to the power that makes the public trust. It can be divided into three levels: public, trust, and power.

The public reality of credibility refers to the public. For the enterprise, the target audience can also be summarized by the consumer; the credibility letter can be simply understood as credit or belief, and in the case of the enterprise, the consumer is believed to own products and services. The power of credibility refers to the strength, and the specificity of the enterprise is the degree to which the marketing and behavior of the enterprise convince consumers.

The credibility of these enterprises is based on certain specific labels. Under the current national conditions, it is not the first priority to develop enterprises and brands. 

For example, the German industry has always been known for its product quality, and high quality is the label of German industry. However, entering the country, high quality but quality is no longer, environmental protection, quality and other issues frequently, the recent two-year 315 party, German companies have been on the list, it can be seen that German industry has arrived in the country, but also contaminated with chronic diseases of character destruction.

What are the characteristics of these companies?

1. The separation of operations and products, the product itself has not been fully investigated. Or you can hard-drive foreign products, or directly match them, and import low-end or bad production lines that are sold abroad.

2, to make money as the primary purpose, quick success and instant benefit, resulting in a weak corporate responsibility. Very common examples, many brands will advertise their own imported genes in a variety of ways. However, in today's economic and technological globalization, all walks of life have a global supply chain. Through the brand “foreignization” to increase profits, deceiving the real situation of consumers, products and propaganda do not match, and ultimately will attract users' resentment.

3, the service system is poor, did not do a good job after the sale led to the collapse of the last line of defense, into a vicious circle. 

Domestic large and small companies, either failing to implement a suitable management system, or lacking management channels, without supervision, make the system a dead letter. Even domestic giants like the United States can't avoid it. Because of the large number of under-the-end models used in the end of the line, small problems, major overhauls, and unreasonable charges have emerged in an endless stream. This year, the name was exposed by the central media, causing a lot of sensation. .

It can be seen that instant is a large-scale enterprise, which is also full of risks.

How does SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  establish public trust?

Pay attention to domestic users

SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  has accumulated a lot of experience in production and R&D. SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  began to work as an international OEM and introduced high-end production equipment.

Not long after, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  established its own brand, foreign mainstay in the mid-to-high-end market, with sufficient technical reserves, more than 200 related patents, and joint development of core components with international giants, etc. It can be said that SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  stood in the elevator. The front part of the industry's technology.

For the domestic market, although the development of home elevators is not long, the momentum is very fierce, and the domestic demand is very strong. In such a market, the products required by SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  must be the most competitive, and many new technologies are being developed. After verification and testing, the production line is first put into production to ensure that the best technology is brought to domestic consumers.

Have their own core technology

Modern Fuji elevator has been based in China since its inception and serves the world. In the wave of reform and opening up and economic take-off, it has formed its own management model and accumulated considerable technology and patents. In the 21st century, the products are sold to 39 countries and regions around the world, serving tens of thousands of users around the world.

After the development of the domestic market, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  has invested heavily in research and development of "Gui Dianlan Palace", "painting eagle eagle", "Women's World", "Shengguang Liunian", "Dun Pang's Park" and other products according to the preferences of domestic users. Technology, the safest elevator is handed over to domestic customers.

Create a complete service system

In response to the system of pre-sales and after-sales, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  has developed the industry's first direct control model by drawing on advanced management experience at home and abroad.

In addition to the franchisees, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  opened a direct experience store under the specific market line. As the local base camp of the SUZHOU MODERN FUJI elevator, a regional service circle was formed in the local area. Customers can directly experience the elevator and the after-sales staff can also be in an hour. The rushed to the customer's home to serve the customer.

Recently, the CCTV micro-movie column group went into SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  and took a deep filming for a week, showing the most authentic side of SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  in front of us.

The growth process of any enterprise is to accumulate step by step, to move forward, to achieve small achievements, to continue to work hard, to persevere, and finally to create brilliant. In this process, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  experienced two turning points, transforming the elevator elevator business and brand into the domestic market.

The broad prospects of the elevator business have brought about an increase in the business of SUZHOU MODERN FUJI , and the return of the famous city to the domestic business has allowed the brand to be sublimated.

In the first stage, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  relied on research, data analysis and Octavia's market insight to build brand power in SUZHOU MODERN FUJI . In the second phase, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  helped Chinese brands take off, social responsibility and social credibility.

Proud of home, SUZHOU MODERN FUJI  home elevator.