MODERN FUJI German Elevator Exhibition


On the 15th, the MODERN FUJI delegation officially arrived at the exhibition site and started a four-day exhibition tour. Let us walk into the interlift and experience the two-year elevator industry event.


The MODERN FUJI Elevator Group entered the exhibition hall under the leadership of General Manager Wang Jian. As a Chinese force, MODERN FUJI's 10 years of experience in elevator export has already opened its market in 40 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It serves thousands of dealers and users every year and has won respect and trust from local markets. .

This time in Germany, it is already the third time that MODERN FUJI participated in the German International Elevator Exhibition.


The German Elevator Exhibition was founded in 1991 and is held every two years. As one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in the global elevator industry, it provides a platform for global elevator companies to display products, exchange experiences, trade negotiations and market development.


There is limited space in the booth, but in the MODERN FUJI booth, you can see dozens of different models of MODERN FUJI House. With the help of the VR virtual experience, NODERN FUJI installed all the car designs in small glasses, and the on-site customers were attracted to the site to “visit” the famous hall exhibition hall.


The exhibition is still going on, and the MODERN FUJI home lift has achieved great results. More than a decade ago, when MODERN FUJI was just out of the country, it was not recognized by many markets. MODERN FUJI people rely on integrity, quality, after-sales to kill a path, use word of mouth, for their own name! In fact, not only is MODERN FUJI, but more and more Chinese manufacturing is playing a leading role in the international arena. Hope that China is getting better and better!