Domestic elevator brand today and tomorrow

On the northeast corner of the Suzhou modern fuji elevator Factory, there is a tall building. This building is the Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator Test Tower. The test tower has a square column shape and is painted in gray on the four walls. When the night is lit, the name of the elevator in Suzhou Modern Fuji is particularly eye-catching.

The elevator test building is also called the elevator test tower. It is a dedicated building for testing elevators. The advancement of the elevator lies in its speed, and the height of the elevator test tower and the speed and stability of the elevator show the technical level of the manufacturer.

Many people may not understand why it is necessary to build such a high test tower? In fact, the reason is very simple. In the elevator industry, in general, whether an elevator manufacturer has an important sign of independent research and development and intellectual property rights is to rely on elevator type testing. The higher the level of the test tower, the stronger the research and development capabilities.

For example, the newly built test towers of the company are generally testing ultra-high-speed elevators of 6 m / s or 8 m / s, but such elevators are generally not put on the market. Therefore, the test tower can be regarded as a symbol of the strength of the company, representing the company's research and development capabilities and high-end testing capabilities.

The test tower built by suzhou modern fuji elevator  not only represents the company's research and development capabilities, but also a sign of the company! The establishment of the Damingfu test tower indicates that suzhou modern fuji elevator will continue to exert its strength in the domestic and commercial elevators, investing more energy and technology to push domestic brands to new heights.

It was learned from the 2018 China Brand Elevator Quality Improvement Summit Forum that there are 82 elevator manufacturing units and 160 elevator component production units in Suzhou. In 2017, the city's elevator output was 145,000 units, accounting for about a quarter of the country's total output value of nearly 60 billion yuan. Suzhou has become the country's largest elevator manufacturing base and the “wind vane” for the development of the elevator industry.

At present, the mainstream international brands have gradually launched a price war, and the transaction price has continued to fall, and there is a tendency to move closer to domestic independent brands. Why is this happening in the market?

It should be known that a decade ago, there were more than 100 domestic independent brand elevator manufacturers, accounting for about 20% of the domestic market share. After more than ten years of rapid development of the real estate industry, today, the eight elevator brands occupy nearly in China. Sixty percent of the market share, while domestic elevator companies have grown to 800.

Elevator people know the development direction of domestic elevators. In some respects, elevators are the market for personal pulse precision marketing. Brand theory is only divided into first-line, second-line and third-line brands. Due to the particularity of products, brand loyalty is low, national brands In the case of lack of channels, elevator companies can completely adopt the tactics of localized fine farming.

The whole of China is like a big cake. There are 286 prefecture-level cities in China. Each prefecture-level city can spread more than two elevator companies. The competition pattern has changed. No enterprise can afford to be in such a large area at the same time. Operating all cities well, at this time, 700 local companies will inevitably eat away the share of traditional strong brands。 

In the face of such a market structure, foreign brands will not sit still and will inevitably exchange market share with stable prices! Coupled with the brand awareness accumulated over the past decade, we have consolidated our position.

In this battle, Chinese national brands only occupy the commanding heights in the technical field, so that the world's most advanced elevator technology is in the hands of the Chinese, so that the Chinese people can trust the domestic brands more, and the future market competition will have the hope of victory.

Suzhou modern fuji elevator  is also holding the belief that since the brand was founded, it has vigorously developed its own technical strength. With more than ten years of export experience, Damingfu has the opportunity to research and produce the most advanced elevator technology in the world. At the same time, it is famous. During the period of the government, he accumulated more than two hundred patents. Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator lived as a craftsman and persisted in technical posts for a long time.

Building a good domestic elevator market environment is the responsibility of every elevator brand and every elevator person. Back to the leading technology, let the real production of easy to use, durable, safe elevator manufacturers carry forward! Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator, has been on the road.