Last month, CCTV film crew conducted a one-week live-view shooting of SUZHOU MODERN FUJI ELEVATOR., detailing the growth of SUZHOU MODERN FUJI ELEVATOR and the entrepreneurial history of general manager Wang Jian.

SUZHOU MODERN FUJI ELEVATOR is a company with 10 years of overseas elevator export experience. After 10 years of overseas journey, the company's products are exported to 39 countries and regions around the world. The market share of products in domestic and foreign markets is constantly increasing, and the export ranking in the industry is even higher. It is the fourth place.

The CCTV micro-movie channel was officially launched on May 18, 2013. It is the first professional micro-film internet network in China jointly built by CCTV, Central New Shadow Group, China Internet TV Station and Central New Film Micro Film Culture Development Fund. platform. Focus on spreading the positive energy of the new era.

SUZHOU MODERN FUJI ELEVATOR has won the favor of CCTV with its strong innovation, cohesiveness and service consciousness, and it is also in line with the current era of communication values.

Today, we finally got the clipped film.

This filming, which lasted for one week, was nearly 100 shots. It mainly reviewed the development process of Modern Fuji ELevator. From 2007 to 2019, the wind and rain of more than a dozen years recorded the most ordinary footprints, but wrote the era. Huazhang.

Prior to this, Zhangjiagang Daily, Suzhou News Channel and other media have also repeatedly reported on the related deeds and achievements of modern fuji elevator.

Not long after, the feature film of SUZHOU MODERN FUJI ELEVATOR will be broadcast on CCTV, so stay tuned.