The elevator industry market analysis forecast report is released in 2019!

Recently, the relevant national data research institutions released the 2019 China elevator industry market analysis and forecast report. According to the macro survey data, the national elevator sales in the first half of 2019 were basically the same as last year. Throughout the development of domestic elevators, domestic elevators have shown a steady upward trend from 2011 to 2018.


Then, as the main manufacturer of the domestic elevator market, Suzhou Modern Fuji will provide any different countermeasures in the 2019 period of consumption upgrade to ensure that the enterprise engine continues to operate at high speed.


The so-called consumption upgrade is not a simple addition of material, more workers need to start from the real needs of customers, to provide consumers with a full range of full-time satisfaction.


The consumption nature of the elevator has also changed. From the initial convenience needs to the security requirements, it is now in the middle of the security requirements, the next stage. Elevator products have become more complete in form, and it is difficult to make major changes in the next few decades, which is determined by the product characteristics of the elevator.


After a long-term market research, Suzhou Modern Fuji found that people usually have a nervous state when they take public elevators. Reflected in the eyes nowhere, repeated observation of the surrounding environment. Therefore, the installation of the mirror in the public elevator is considered for this reason. In the process of using the elevator in your home, the situation will be completely different.


Suzhou Modern Fuji improves the occupant's sense of belonging by improving the privatization of the elevator by decorating the interior of the elevator. Because few customers come into contact with the same style of elevators in public or other environments. This will make him feel that this is in his own home. Let the elevators be integrated into the home and become part of the family, which is why Suzhou Modern Fuji provides custom decoration.



In addition, different styles of villas with different personality owners, the effect of the decoration is also very different. With so many styles, you must have a matching villa elevator to match. In the process of groping for ten years, Suzhou Modern Fuji gradually established a series of five people's use, painting the eagle: as the personalized custom elevator style, it is also the test of Suzhou Modern Fuji, breaking the European and American brands' definition of the domestic elevator aesthetic standards. .


In the elevator line, China is not behind any country, we also need to develop our own elevator culture and aesthetics, and integrate into our own technology and philosophy. This decision is still the first in China, and no manufacturer has ever tried to make the elevator look like this.


In other respects, under the upgrade of consumption, it will be more prominent and early arrival is a new interpretation of the service concept. The era of spelling and arranging prices is gone forever. "What can people do, what can we do? Now is the quality and service." Wangjian, general manager of Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator, said.


It is our original intention to do a qualified service. What can we do to reduce the hassle of installing elevators? When does the maintenance of the elevator need to be done free of charge for the customer? All services eventually fell into the system of the service system. At present, the market satisfaction and sales growth of Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator is achieved by relying on the service system. We will also do a good job and be positive.