An unexpected chinese new year,The secret behind the rise in modern fuji elevator orders

Yesterday, a report on Modern Fuji was published in the Jiangsu Economic News. Positive signals from Jiangsu Foreign Trade. "

As people welcome the Spring Festival, a sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia disrupts the rhythm of social production and people's lives. In the field of foreign trade, due to poor logistics in the early stage of the epidemic, delayed resumption of work, and unscheduled supply of raw materials, delayed delivery orders have generally occurred. After investigations and visits, reporters from the Jiangsu Economic News learned that Jiangsu's foreign trade enterprises generally reported that they had "not much influence."

At present, under the joint efforts of various departments, Jiangsu has been “zero added” for three consecutive days, and transportation, logistics, and supply chains have gradually recovered. "With the resumption of production and production by larger enterprises on February 24, our production will soon return to normal." Wang Jian, general manager of Modern Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. said that from the current feedback, foreign customers are looking to China Chinese companies are still very confident.

31 orders in 12 days

"At present, the employee arrival rate is about 90%, and most of the suppliers also resumed work on February 17. It is expected that normal production will be resumed by the end of February or early March." President Wang said that although the famous government resumed work on February 10 However, at the beginning, due to the insufficient staff turnover rate and the lack of resumption of work by suppliers, orders from years ago still only fulfilled about 20%.

To the surprise of President Wang, Modern Fuji, which has not completed the old orders, ushered in new orders. "Since the resumption of work on the 10th, we have received 31 orders from Spain, Bulgaria, the United States and other places, with a contract value of US $ 2 million, which is more than the same period last year."

Brand perception:

Emphasis on integrity, quality, brand building, and occupying brand advantages will enable an enterprise to be invincible in market competition.


As the top ten exporters of domestic private label brands, the product market of Modern Fuji covers 60 countries or regions around the world. Although affected by the epidemic, the contract cannot be fulfilled on schedule, but many old customers are willing to wait.

"They know that after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak in China, they will basically call to ask about the progress of the outbreak and the resumption of the company's work every two days, but fortunately, there have been no unsubscriptions." President Wang said from the customer feedback, foreign customers It is still generally optimistic about the Chinese market, and these orders are basically from old customers after the year.

"On February 18th, we have sent 10 entire elevators to Saudi Arabia. When the newly purchased raw materials arrive next week, we will have to work overtime to catch up." President Wang said that all eight new recruits after the year have also arrived Post, ready to join the upcoming production peak.

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