What should be noticed about the elevator dimension?

 elevator shaft and elevator dimension

A space for the elevator to run, and is composed of the shaft wall, floor and ceiling.


What are the classifications of elevator shafts?

There are two types of elevator shafts in the market: concrete shafts and steel structure shafts.


Which steel structure elevator shaft or concrete shaft is better?

1. Steel structure elevator shaft: construction interference is small and fast. Fire treatment is troublesome, with post-maintenance and monitoring. Suitable for later transformation.


2. Concrete shaft: The overall rigidity is better than steel structure, the cost is economical, and the durability and corrosion resistance are better than steel structure. Long construction period.


The elevator shaft is the foundation of the elevator. The operation of the elevator is completely in the shaft. The quality of the foundation will directly affect the installation and operation of the elevator, that is, the quality of the elevator.

What problems should be paid attention to for elevator shaft size?


Top height

The change of the height of the top floor is a frequently encountered problem. In the design of the elevator, a standard top floor height dimension is proposed according to the standard requirements according to the size of the elevator car. This dimension takes into account some uncertain factors in civil construction, such as the top floor. The thickness of the decorative layer (although the civil engineering drawing indicates the size after decoration), but it does not pay much attention in actual operation, so there is not much room for adjustment, especially in some completed buildings, which will be ignored during actual measurement. When the top floor line is determined during installation, the height of the top floor may be insufficient.


Pit Depth

The depth of the bottom pit is the same as the height of the top floor. When the depth of the bottom pit is not enough, the height of the top floor is increased, such as adding a step. However, although this can be solved, it will bring users the benefits of use. inconvenient.


Opening direction

For the side-opening door, there is a problem with the direction of the door opening. Most of the current principles are determined by the direction of people standing outside the elevator and looking inside the car. Because the direction of the door opening determines the elevator shaft layout, the direction is completely wrong. Therefore, in elevators with side-opening doors, attention should be paid to the direction of door opening, especially the principle of determining the door opening direction.


MODERNFUJI elevator adopts the integrated production one-time forming process, and the organic combination of the steel structure shaft and the elevator equipment achieves the high utilization of space. The baseless design further saves the top space, and the entire solution adopts a modular and innovative approach. Before the elevator leaves the factory, it completes the pre-assembly work of the steel structure hoistway, the whole elevator machine, the connection platform and the exterior decoration, and the segmented processing and efficient transportation. Quick installation, under normal circumstances, only need to carry on the segmented lifting connection to the module. It can be debugged and run normally in three days, minimizing the installation time and putting it into use as fast as possible. Different elevator sizes and hoistways, intelligent and efficient control systems, sensitive and reliable frequency conversion door machin