Various systems of passenger elevator internal structure

 The passenger elevator system includes eight systems, namely the traction system, the guidance system, the car, the door system, the weight balance system, the drag system, the control system, and the safety protection system.

They directly affect the performance and price of passenger elevators.
1. Traction system
The main function of an elevator traction system is to output and transmit power to make the elevator run; the traction system is mainly composed of a traction wire rope, a guide wheel, and an anti-rope wheel.
2. Guiding System
The main function of the guidance system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move up and down along the guide rail; the guide system is mainly composed of guide rails, guide shoes and guide rail frames.
3. Car
The car is an elevator component that transports passengers and goods, and is the working part of the elevator. The car is composed of a car frame and a car body.
4. Door system
The main function of the door system is to seal the landing entrance and the car entrance; the door system consists of a car door, a landing door, a door opener, and a door lock device.
5. Weight balance system
The main function of the system is to relatively balance the weight of the car. During the elevator work, the weight difference between the car and the counterweight can be kept within the limit to ensure the normal traction drive of the elevator.The system is mainly composed of counterweight and weight compensation devices. composition.
6. Electric drag system
The function of the electric drag system is to provide power and implement elevator speed control. The electric drag system is composed of traction, power supply system, speed feedback device, motor speed regulating device and so on.
7. Electrical control system
The main function of the electrical control system is to control and control the operation of the elevator. The electrical control system is mainly composed of the operating device, position display device, control screen (cabinet), leveling device, layer selector, etc.
8. Security protection system
Ensure the safe use of the elevator and prevent accidents that endanger personal safety. It consists of elevator monitoring, elevator floor display, speed limiter, safety clamp, buffer, and end station protection device.