Small Freight Elevator Safe Operation

   Before opening the freight elevator hall door to enter the car, you must first determine whether the car stops at the floor.

  Before starting work every day, the freight elevator must be driven up and down to check for abnormalities. Check for foreign objects in the cleaning hall and the doorway.

  This elevator is used for cargo loading. Except for the elevator operator, no one is allowed to ride.

  After the hall door is closed, you cannot open it with your hands. When the hall and car doors are not completely closed, the freight elevator cannot be started.

  The goods carried by the car must not exceed the rated load capacity of the elevator. It is not allowed to ship flammable, explosive and other dangerous materials. In case of special circumstances, it must be approved by the security department and take corresponding safety protection measures.

  The goods to be carried should be placed in the middle of the car as securely as possible to avoid falling during operation. It is forbidden to use the method of opening the safety window or the car safety door of the freight elevator car to load extra-long objects.

  The freight elevator should stop running when it fails, and notify the maintenance staff to perform maintenance in time.

  When the freight elevator is overhauled, a warning sign “Elevator overhaul stopped running” should be displayed on the hall door.

  When the freight elevator is used up, the elevator operator should stop the car at the grassroots level and turn off all the switches on the control panel to close the hall car door.