Classification Of Lifts

 Classified by elevator use

Passenger elevator and freight elevator,passenger elevator is an elevator designed to transport passengers,suitable for high-rise apartments and office buildings,requires safety and comfort, beautiful decoration.Freight elevator usually manned elevator designed primarily to carry goods. Suitable for factories, stores, warehouses, etc. It is required that the structure is firm and the safety is good.

Sightseeing elevator

An elevator with transparent car walls for passenger sightseeing.Usually installed on the outer walls of tall buildings.

Home elevator

Small elevator installed in the villa for family members.The elevator is small in size,Slower than ordinary elevators.

Classification by control method

Button control, automatic door elevator,This kind of elevator is a simple automatic control elevator, with automatic leveling and automatic door opening functions.

Collective control elevator,Highly automatic control elevator developed on the basis of signal control elevator. Without driver's control, it has the functions of automatically grasping the stop time, automatic response service, automatic reversing response, reverse call and so on.

In addition, elevators can also be distinguished according to the type of drive.Different elevator limit sizes and pit shaft handling methods have also produced different styles of elevators.