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Do you really know this in the elevator?

Why does the elevator dizzy when it runs?

In fact: Instant dizziness is caused by changes in cerebral pressure.

Popular science time: The elevator has a relatively large acceleration at the moment of operation. The blood in the body generates an acceleration in the direction opposite to the acceleration direction of the elevator in the vertical direction, which changes the blood pressure, especially the cerebral pressure, resulting in hypoxia. Everyone's physical condition is different, and their sensitivity to changes in cerebral pressure is also different.

The method of self-rescue for the elevator falling widely spread on the Internet mentioned: you can grab the handrail to avoid falling or bumping due to instability during the fall.

In fact: modern elevators make no difference whether they are handrails or not.

Popular science time: Now the safety performance of the elevator is high, and it will basically not fall down. The handrail is mainly used as a fixed person when the elevator is crowded. Even if the elevator suddenly falls and is in a semi-squat shape and the entire back and head are in line with the inner wall of the elevator, this can also play a role in fixing the position. Generally, elevator manufacturers will judge whether to install handrails according to customer requirements, and the prices of the two are not much different.

Will being suffocated in an elevator?

In fact: the elevator car is not completely enclosed and will not suffocate.

Popular science time: The national standard has strict regulations on the ventilation of the elevator. Even when the elevator is trapped, the ventilation system is normally ventilated. In addition, the elevator has many moving parts, such as a gap between the car wall and the car roof, these gaps are enough for people's breathing needs. However, it should be reminded that you should not cry out for help for a long time, and do not consume restless energy in the elevator. Be calm, make a call and wait for rescue.