If humans do not have elevators


In a sense, the elevator is the blood of the city, transporting people to and from, and transporting love and energy.


If there is no elevator, the population distribution will be relatively tiled on the surface of the earth, and humans are limited to a flat, single space;


Without an elevator, the city will not be able to develop vertical spaces, realize high-altitude or even underground exploration, nor have a dense population, nor such a highly efficient use of resources;


Without an elevator, there would be no rising high-rise buildings, so that modern cities and civilizations no longer exist.


After hundreds of years of evolution, today ’s elevators are more efficient, smarter, more comfortable and warmer.


The earliest prototype of the elevator, we can only glimpse in the film and television drama, using human or animal power to drag or rotate the drum to roll up the cable lifting system, such as the water wells and mining wells that everyone sees in the film and television drama. Rolling up the rope to draw water or assist personnel to move in and out.


This kind of lifting system for forcibly rotating the drum to wind up the cable is the earliest prototype of the elevator. Also known as a forced lift system.


Later, the European steam engine was invented, and steam power replaced manpower and animal power, greatly improving work efficiency and saving costs.


In 1845, the first hydraulic lifting system was born, when the liquid used was water. The change of kinetic energy makes the elevator move faster and higher, but the safety and comfort are still insufficient.

Safety-always the key to elevators


More than 160 years ago, at the World Exposition held at the Crystal Palace in New York, American Elisha Otis (Elisha Otis) showed the world for the first time the first safety elevator in the history of his invention.

A bearded man standing on an elevator platform full of wooden boxes, iron barrels, etc. This man is the American Elisha Graves Otis, who let the elevator move slowly.


When everyone present could see the high platform, he suddenly shouted to his assistant: "Cut the rope!" With a click, the sling fell, and the platform slipped a little, and was immediately hit by springs and claws. Locked, immobile.


The breathlessness at the scene was instantly shocked. After a few seconds, thunderous applause broke out. This historic moment proves that the elevator has taken a big step towards safety and comfort.


Since then, with the footsteps of the industrialization process, elevators have been widely used around the world.


In December 1889, the first elevator in the real sense was installed at the Dimarest Building in New York-it was powered by a DC motor and equipped with the above-mentioned automatic safety protection device. Rope, suspend and lift the car. At that time, this ancient elevator could only walk about 10 meters per minute.


In 1904, Otis developed a gearless elevator, which laid a good foundation for the transportation of high-rise buildings.

In 1932, the Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York, was completed, and an elevator for 102 floors was installed.


Since then, there have been more and more elevator designs. In addition to the old-fashioned box elevators, there are sightseeing elevators, double-decker elevators, and lighting elevators.


In 1979, people applied the subversive microprocessor technology to elevators. The original elevator operator is no longer necessary, and anyone can operate the elevator without obstacles.


In 1996, the elevator experience also brought about elevator improvements: elevators can automatically group passengers according to floor in advance, thereby reducing waiting time and improving elevator experience.

Forecast of the number of elevators in China and the number of elevators that have developed elevator media in 2017-2020


And now: With the economic development, home elevators are booming and have entered thousands of households. Villas, duplexes, and self-built houses can be seen everywhere.

There is no doubt that the home elevator has become a member of our family. She is warm, comfortable, elegant and fashionable. She promotes the development and history of human civilization, conveys the love and warmth of the family, and highlights personal wealth and taste. Condenses and carries people's dream of a better life.


In modern society, we can no longer imagine the situation where humans do not have elevators.


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