Now the elevator noise is bothering! What is the reason?

Home elevators are more and more popular among people. They can not only meet the vertical transportation needs of family life, but also bring you high-end and comfortable experience.
However, some families find that after the installed home elevator has been running for a period of time, there will be a lot of noise, and the noise will become louder and louder. There are elderly people and pregnant women at home, and they are more sensitive to sound. Noise affects their physical condition and also affects people's riding comfort.
For those who don't know about elevators, they can't find out where the elevator has problems in time. This requires professional elevator maintenance personnel to check and maintain regularly to ensure the safety of elevators and experience the benefits brought by home elevators. Convenience and enjoyment.

Why are home elevators getting louder and louder?

There are many reasons for elevator noise, among which there are three main types:

01. Machine room noise

It mainly comes from the sound when the elevator is running, and the sound generated by the friction during the operation of the traction machine.

Certain electromagnetic noise is generated when the traction machine is working;

The friction between the traction sheave and the suspension device (ie wire rope, etc.);

Noise when the electrical devices in the control cabinet are working;

The noise when the brake is working.

02. Car running noise

The noise in the car mainly comes from the following sources:

The noise generated by rubbing the guide rail when the car runs along the guide rail;

The wind noise generated by the piston effect of the elevator car running;

The noise generated by the rotation of steel wire rope or compensation chain;

Noise and vibration are caused by the vibration of the car wall plate and the loose connection of the parts of the car.

03. Noise when opening and closing the door

When the door is opened and closed, the car door and the landing door generate noise through the sliding friction of the slider in the sill;

If the gap between the door leaf and the car or the door pocket is too small, it will cause noise due to friction;

The connection between the door pulley and the door leaf of the landing door is loose, resulting in uneven force on the door, and the shift of the center of gravity cannot properly open and close the door, resulting in noise;

The door opening and closing speed of the elevator is not adjusted properly, resulting in a collision sound;

When the landing door self-closing device adopts a heavy block, the noise generated by the friction and impact between the heavy block and the anti-falling device of the heavy block. The friction sound from the door motor running, etc.