Elevator safety knowledge - what are the elevator knowledge

With the continuous progress of modern society, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation in urban life, regardless of living quarters, workplaces, entertainment malls, and squares. However, while elevators provide convenience to urban people, elevator accidents also make people feel worried. Below, the editor will share the elevator safety knowledge for you, come and see.
Elevator Safety Tips
1. Please press the button of the floor you want to reach to improve the operating efficiency of the elevator.

2. Do not overload the elevator.

3. Do not lean your body against the landing door when taking the elevator.

4. Please do not smoke, play, crowd or collide in the elevator car to avoid accidents.

5. It is strictly forbidden to transport flammable and explosive dangerous goods. In case of special circumstances, it can only be shipped after obtaining the consent of the relevant management department and taking necessary safety protection measures.

6. Don't press the emergency button casually. The emergency button is set up to deal with unexpected situations. When the elevator is running normally, do not press the emergency button to avoid unnecessary trouble.

7. If it is found that the elevator opens the door and the floor of the elevator car is not flush with the floor, it means that the elevator is out of order, please stop riding and wait for the relevant departments to deal with it.

8. If the elevator fails and stops running, the following measures should be taken:

Step 1: Keep calm, stabilize your emotions, and don't climb out of the elevator by yourself;

Step 2: Find the emergency alarm device in the elevator and ask for help from the outside world through the alarm device;

Step 3: Check the emergency phone number provided inside the elevator, and call the emergency phone number to ask for help;

Step 4: After sending out a distress message, take relevant measures under the guidance of professionals. Do not take wrong self-rescue actions such as prying doors and smashing doors without authorization. You should wait in the elevator for professionals to open the door for rescue. After the elevator is leveled , and leave the elevator quickly under the guidance of professionals.

9. Do not take the elevator in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire, passengers are prohibited from using the elevator to escape, and should choose a safe exit on the stairs to escape.

The correct way to use the elevator
1. When calling the elevator, passengers only need to press the call button in the direction they are going to, and do not press both the up and down direction buttons at the same time, so as to avoid useless car stops and reduce the overall conveying efficiency of the elevator in the building. At the same time, this is also to avoid the wrong action of the safety device, causing passengers to be trapped in the car and affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

2. When the elevator door is opened, be sure not to put your hand on the door panel to prevent your fingers from being squeezed when the door panel is retracted. When the elevator door is closed, do not put your hand on the edge of the door, so as not to affect the closing action or even squeeze your fingers. When bringing a child, you should pull or hold the child to take the elevator.

3. When taking the elevator, you should keep a certain distance from the elevator door. For the sake of safety, because the elevator door is connected to the hoistway when the elevator is running, the relative speed is very fast. If the elevator door fails, the passengers near the door will be quite dangerous.

4. Don't jump in the elevator. There are many safety protection switches on the elevator car. If you jump in the car, the car will be seriously tilted, which may cause the protection switch to act and make the elevator enter the protection state. Once this happens, the elevator will stop in an emergency, causing the passengers to be trapped.

5. Many people are used to blocking the door with their bodies when entering the door. Although there is no danger, if you press the button for too long, the elevator control part will think that the elevator has malfunctioned. It is possible to call the police or even stop. So a more decent way is to press the door button after you go in.

It is particularly important to remind that some people stand at the elevator door and block the elevator door, which is very dangerous. Because the inside of the elevator is safe, and the outside is also safe. But if you stand at the junction of these two dimensions, if this time occurs, as the saying goes, it is called a situation where you open the door and walk in the car, and this person will be cut. So it's a very dangerous location and shouldn't stop at this junction.

6. It is not allowed for some units to use a freight elevator as a passenger elevator.

The difference between a freight elevator and a passenger elevator is its decoration, or its comfort is less. There are no special requirements for the indicators of vibration and noise. In addition, there is a kind of freight elevator that can never be used as a passenger elevator, that is, it is oversized. Because sometimes the product made in the factory is relatively light, it wants the car to be larger, so after the approval of the relevant department, the area of ​​the car is larger than the standard one. If this kind of freight elevator is used as a passenger elevator, it will be overloaded.

Safety knowledge after elevator accident
1. When a fall accident occurs, the first thing is to fix your body. In this way, when a collision occurs, it will not cause a fall due to the unstable center of gravity. The second is to use the elevator wall as the protection of the spine and stick to the wall, which can play a certain protective role. On top of that, you can use your knees to bend to take the pressure of a hard hit. This is because ligaments are the only elastic tissues in the body and can withstand pressure better than bones. Therefore, the protective action of keeping the back close to the inner wall of the elevator, bending the knees, and standing on tiptoes is correct.

2. At the bottom of the elevator, when the control system of the elevator fails, the car will miss the leveling position on the first floor and drive downward until it stops at the buffer at the bottom of the pit. Such a situation rarely occurs, but once it occurs, the consequences will be very serious. In fact, if the elevator falls suddenly and rapidly during the descending process, the safety protection device of the elevator will make the elevator stop. It is worth noting that the distance from the start of the fall to the stop of the elevator is related to the load of the elevator, so the elevator must not be overloaded.

3. Self-rescue measures for being trapped in an elevator. After the emergency stop, the elevator still has several sets of reliable and thoughtful protection devices to protect the safety of passengers, and there is no need to worry that it will continue to fall down. There are many reasons for the sudden stop of the elevator, and any attempt to escape by yourself is a risky move until you know the reason. When you are just trapped, if there is no emergency call in the elevator, you can slap the door and shout or knock on the door with your shoes. If you are trapped for a long time, the safest thing to do is to remain calm, save your energy, and wait for rescue.

4. How should elevator managers rescue trapped persons? When an elevator trapped accident occurs, the elevator management personnel will get in touch with the trapped passengers by phone or shouting. Make sure to keep calm and wait patiently for the maintenance crew to come to the rescue. When the car is far away from the elevator landing, enter the machine room to turn off the elevator power switch, install the cranking handwheel on the elevator shaft, one person firmly holds the cranking handwheel, and the other holds the brake release lever and gently pry the brakes. Pay attention to the leveling signs, and gradually move the car to the nearest hall door. When it is confirmed that the brakes are correct, use the landing door key to open the landing door and car door, assist passengers to leave the car, and close the hall door again.

It is worth noting that after some elevator workers came, they directly opened the inner or outer door of the elevator. Then, when you reach it, and sometimes you can't reach the docking floor, you jump down. This practice is very common in life. But this is a very irregular rescue behavior, because the elevator stops at the location where it should not stop, indicating that its system has failed. Then if you open the door without cutting off the power supply, if the elevator fails again at this time, the passengers will be in danger.