How to choose a home elevator correctly

      The elevator has a history of more than 100 years since it’s invention. In this century, the elevator has brought comfort and convenience to people. Now elevators are increasingly appearing in private homes and becoming part of family life.

      Home elevators make life smarter, more comfortable, more convenient and safer. So how to choose the elevator that best suits your family needs?

01 Choose a home elevator with a suitable structure

The structure of the private residence determines that the machine room-less home elevator structure should be adopted when choosing a home elevator or a villa elevator. The motor of the home elevator is generally installed on the top floor of the hoistway, and there is no need to build an additional machine room, thus saving the construction cost and building space to the greatest extent. And at the same time can complement the appearance of the building and combine perfectly.

02 Choose a suitable home elevator door opening method

As a high-end private customized residential supporting product, home elevator must have higher requirements and pursuits in decoration design. However, while meeting individual needs and matching the decoration style, attention should also be paid to safety in use, functional practicability, and not excessive decoration.

The door opening methods of home elevators are divided into manual doors and automatic doors. The door lock linkage device and electrical door opening are added to the manual doors. However, due to the lack of car door protection design, there may be potential safety hazards; automatic doors are the same as public passenger elevators. The car door and hall door are double-layered.

For the sake of space saving, home elevators can choose side-opening automatic doors. Because the side-opening automatic door can save the building area to the greatest extent and utilize the width of the shaft as much as possible, and at the same time, it can be used by the disabled and the elderly with inconvenient mobility, which also reflects the humanized design consideration.

03 Choose a safe home elevator

Home elevators put forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family, in case of sudden power failure or failure in the use of elevators, choose home elevators with automatic rescue devices and automatic dialing configuration, to the family. to maximize safety.

04 Choose a reliable brand for after-sales maintenance

When purchasing, it is necessary to know whether there is a timely and effective emergency after-sales system and solution mechanism when the villa elevator fails; when the villa elevator arrives on the maintenance date, whether there is a professional and efficient maintenance team; when the owner has questions about use and operation, he wants to ask Whether it can get timely and effective feedback from the manufacturer.

As a convenient tool for installation in private houses, home elevators are increasingly favored by users. According to the comprehensive consideration of the house's civil construction requirements, location layout, safety and other aspects, choose the most suitable home elevator, so that the family can enjoy a better quality of life and live more comfortably.



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