What should be considered when buying a home elevator?

Generally,There are three driving modes for home elevators : hydraulic, traction, and screw-type . Different driven modes have their own advantages and disadvantages, but screw-type elevators have high safety performance. As long as there is a certain space of about 1m2 reserved in the home, the bottom pit 0-50mm, or directly installed on the ground, no civil engineering, no top height restrictions, with integrated glass shaft, can be flexibly installed anywhere in the home.


Physical visit product comparison:

For online consultation and offline appointment, you must go to the offline brand's physical exhibition hall to test the prototype, and compare and understand the product quality, appearance, craftsmanship, configuration, and function of different brands through personal experience, and then select through multi-dimensional comparison.


Learn more about the brand:

Choose the right product and choose a good brand and a good company. Nowadays, home elevators are still a small branch of the elevator industry. Consumers should be more professional about the safety performance of home elevators. Manufacturers that integrate R&D + production + sales + installation + after-sales are not It is best to choose a powerful company. Only manufacturers that integrate R&D + production + sales + installation + after-sales can products be more professional, quality guaranteed, and after-sales service more complete!


Elevator quality:

The quality of the elevator is what everyone needs to pay attention to, because it is related to the safety of users. Generally speaking, if the elevator used in the building is a product made by a branded elevator manufacturer, it is the most secure.


Number of elevators:

There are also relevant regulations on the number of elevators. In general, the number of residential floors above 12 floors and below 18 floors should be equipped with at least two elevators, one of which must have the function of fire elevators; the pure residential functional floor is on the 19th floor Above and below the 33rd floor, there should be no less than 3 elevators, and one of them must have the function of fire elevator.


Elevator running speed:

The factor of elevator running speed is often overlooked by home buyers. In fact, this factor is also very important, especially for office workers. Because the running speed of the elevator determines the waiting time for the elevator, a fast-running elevator room must be much more convenient.



Generally, the higher the floor, the higher the price of an elevator room, but buying a house can not only look at the price, but also whether the apartment itself is suitable. The ventilation and orientation of the unit are closely related to every day in the future. The level of cost-effectiveness is the result of all factors, and the price is not necessarily good, and the one that suits you is the best.

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