How to maintain a home villa elevator?

The villa home elevator is a kind of industrial equipment, so it may cause harm to the characteristics of the operating system in it during long-term work or operation. If proper maintenance is carried out, it can ensure that the elevator can operate without problems, improve the daily work efficiency and basic characteristics, and make you feel more stable and less noisy when taking the elevator. Therefore, proper home villa elevator maintenance is the guarantee for users.

User maintenance 

1. Overweight is strictly prohibited. Pay attention to the carrying capacity of home elevators. The carrying capacity of different elevators is different. We should carry out the application according to the carrying capacity of the elevators installed by ourselves, and avoid applications that are often overloaded. This will not only increase the load of home villa elevators, but also continue to Increases the chance of elevator damage. 


2. Environmental sanitation cleaning. Elevators carry out dust cleaning on time. If the elevator is not cleaned and maintained frequently, it is very easy to turn black. Therefore, regular cleaning of villa home elevators is also carried out for maintenance of elevators, but special attention should be paid to the use of cleaning liquids that are less corrosive. oh. The cleaning and cleaning of the elevator car of a home elevator specifically includes the cleaning of the elevator door, the inner cavity of the elevator car, the door slot on the car side, and the floor of the elevator car.

Technical professional staff maintenance 

1. Professionals of villa elevator manufacturers provide door-to-door service and maintenance on time. The regular maintenance period of villa home elevators is generally 3-6 months. Maintenance professionals must use equipment to inspect, overhaul, replace and replace the machinery and equipment components in the elevator operation to ensure the normal operation of the elevator. 


2. Lubrication and maintenance of mechanical parts. Whether it is a screw compressor elevator or a traction elevator, grease is a smooth skin care product. After being used for a long time, its working efficiency will be reduced, and the noise will be enlarged. Therefore, improving the lubrication of parts is also the maintenance of the elevator.

3. If you find common failures of home villa home elevators in daily life applications, it is suggested that you can directly contact the manufacturer for after-sales service.

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