What is the difference between a commercial elevator and a home elevator?

What is the difference between a commercial elevator and a private home villa elevator?

Now the scale of the building is constantly expanding, it is not difficult to find that the surrounding floors are getting higher and higher, and the elevator has gradually become a necessity in life. In addition to the popular use of elevators on various high floors, many families have begun to install home villa elevators. In many cases, users cannot distinguish commercial elevators from private home elevators well. Now let's talk  about the differernce between commer elevators and home elevators.  




First of all, the appearance of them is obviously different. The private home villa elevator can be customized according to the decoration style of the villa, and the car and interior can be customized according to the villa style. The villa elevator enjoys customized services and can be flexibly designed into the style that users like according to the needs of villa users. The appearance of commercial elevators is relatively unified. The cars are basically made of stainless steel, and they will not be designed in complex and diverse styles. Commercial elevators are basically monotonous, which can be found in the elevators we take in our daily shopping malls.





The second different is the way of opening the door. The home villa elevator can be used as a variety of sightseeing elevators, and it can also be used as a designed villa elevator. Private home villa elevator can do: sliding door, straight door, central door, side door, etc. There are many ways to open the door, and it can also be fully opened on three sides according to different needs. Commercial elevators generally have through doors and the same entrance and exit, which can save the space of the elevator and meet the needs of commercial elevators with multiple passengers, and this door opening and closing method can facilitate users to enter and exit quickly. In addition to being convenient for going up and down the stairs, the installation of private household villa elevators can also add value to the villa, make the interior decoration of the villa more advanced, and make the villa look so novel through different customizations.




Finally, there are different space structures. The height of home villa elevators is limited in 2 to 6 floors. Commercial elevators can be continuously increased according to different needs. The civil engineering of commercial villa elevators needs to be approved, and there are very high requirements for the height of the bottom pit and the top floor.



Commercial elevators are different from private home villa elevators. If you want to install villa elevators in villas, you still need to find a company that specializes in villa elevators for customized services. The above is the difference between commercial elevators and private home villa elevators.