What is the safety inspection process for villa home elevators?

The villa home elevator must be tested before it is put into operation to check whether the various components are running normally. Generally, after the installation is successful, the installation master will carry out complicated calibration work, so do you know the specific steps for the safety inspection of the villa home elevator? What should you pay attention to in the villa home elevator elevator?

1. Basic inspection

After the villa home elevator is installed, it is necessary to do the daily cleaning of the elevator car and floor car, remove the dirt in the door and the sill slide rail, and ensure that the villa home elevator door can be opened and closed normally. The villa home elevator is prohibited from overloading operation, and it is prohibited to use the triangular key during the operation of the villa home elevator. After using the triangular key to unlock the door, it is necessary to check whether the emergency unlocking equipment is normal, so as to avoid the unlocking of the floor door after the door is unlocked.

2. Common fault inspection

If there is a common fault in the operation of the villa home elevator, the emergency alarm system should be activated. The villa home elevator manager should immediately disconnect the villa home elevator switching power supply, and immediately notify the villa home elevator maintenance company or manufacturer to carry out the solution. The traction machine grease should be added on time, and the electrical control system needs to be maintained on time. For the villa home elevator, if the jam occurs during the operation, the sudden stop situation must be paid attention to. In addition, if the power switch of the elevator door is not smooth, it needs to be checked on time to prevent a safety accident from being stuck.

3. Functional check

In order to better solve the safety risks caused by accidental situations such as fire accidents, earthquake disasters, and power outages when taking the villa home elevator, it is necessary to check the fire safety power switch and supporting fire fighting equipment. It is also necessary to check the external switch power starter of the villa home elevator to facilitate the immediate braking system in the event of an unexpected situation. In the end, it is also necessary to check the sewage equipment of the villa's home elevator, and prepare for the corresponding safety protection in advance.

Therefore, it is necessary to remind customers who install villa elevators here not only to check whether the elevator car is running smoothly, but also to check the corresponding preventive equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards as soon as possible.

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