Modern Fuji | China International Elevator Exhibition will make a gorgeous appearance with you!

The 15th China International Elevator Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from July 5th to July 8th, 2023. Modern Fuji will present its new car in this exhibition!


As a world-renowned grand event in the elevator industry, China International Elevator Exhibition has attracted nearly 10,000 relevant units in the elevator industry to participate since it was successfully held in 1996, and a total of one million visitors have visited it. It fully demonstrates the outstanding strength and growth potential of the rapid development of elevator industry in China.

This exhibition will continue to strengthen the focus on elevator safety, technological innovation and application. At that time, Modern Fuji Elevator will come to the exhibition with well-known domestic and foreign companies together. All kinds of elevator products, cutting-edge design, industry resources and cooperation opportunities will be gathered on the spot. We sincerely invite you to come!


Modern Fuji has the courage to innovate and constantly develops new products with completely independent intellectual property rights. The new car presented at the exhibition will bring you a refreshing visual presentation! Among them, there are many design upgrades, including star ceiling, full-touch control panel COP,TOUCH LOP, etc. 

5th July to 8th July , 2023

Welcome to "8.2H 8A08 Modern Fuji Elevator Booth" to visit and experience!