Modern Fuji Team building and expansion activities were successfully held!

Suzhou Modern Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. held a 3-day team building activity in Xinchang and Xiangshan, Zhejiang from May 26th to 28th, 2023. In the beautiful and magnificent natural scenery, nearly 50 core operating personnel have fun together in the beautiful mountains and rivers.

In the process of walking eighteen crossings, everyone not only felt the clearness of the mountain stream and freely explored the breath of nature, but also experienced the perseverance of walking on foot. It just embodies the spirit of the people of Modern Fuji to work hard and move forward.


At the same time, the group building and expansion activities were carried out, which were successfully completed with the active participation of everyone, leaving many unforgettable and wonderful moments. These activities not only enhance the friendship and feelings among the company's teams, but also tap the potential of themselves and the team, strengthen the awareness of teamwork, and enhance cohesion and combat effectiveness!

The last day of the itinerary is to participate in fishing at Shipu Fishing Port in Xiangshan. Shipu Fishing Port, also known as Ligang, is a "crescent"-shaped closed harbor with an area of 27 square kilometers. It is a famous sheltered harbor on the southeast coast. On the day of going to sea, the wind and waves were relatively strong, which led to constant setbacks in the process of going to sea, but in the end all the staff returned with a full load and had lunch together with laughter.


The happy time is always fleeting, and the three-day trip to Zhejiang is over. Good memories and happy moods will be remembered. During the three days, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery given by nature, and expressed their long-lasting enthusiasm. It made everyone feel the affection and touch outside the work, and realized that everyone is a harmonious person. The team is a warm family.