Modern Fuji | The Shanghai exhibition ended successfully

 From July 5th to July 8th, 2023, the 15th China International Elevator Exhibition ended successfully. As a powerful enterprise, Modern Fuji Elevator made its debut in the exhibition with its new car, which was highly praised by countless domestic and foreign customers, and set off a new wave of intelligent home elevators in the industry!



The Oriental Collection series unveiled at this booth shines with a new look, continues the aesthetic charm, allows the space to carry the spirit of diversity, combines functionality and practicality with oriental aesthetics, and brings brand-new visual enjoyment to consumers. Its starry sky roof and full-touch control panel have been upgraded in many places. With its excellent appearance design and detailed craftsmanship, it shows the innovative breakthrough of Modern Fuji elevator in image presentation.


As an ambitious brand, Modern Fuji is not only satisfied with the competition of homogeneous products in the market, but focuses on technological innovation and user experience to continuously promote the development of the home elevator industry. Modern Fuji injects technological upgrades and innovative concepts into products to bring users a more efficient, intelligent, safe and comfortable experience.


The appearance of Modern Fuji elevators has attracted widespread attention and praise from inside and outside the industry. The innovative design and high-quality products displayed represent the strength and potential of China's home elevator industry, and are the pride of national enterprises. Modern Fuji has always been based on product safety, and its export quality has been exported to more than 60 overseas countries, attracting the trust and support of many overseas customers. Modern Fuji has entered the international stage with a brand-new attitude, injecting new vitality and impetus into the development of the domestic home elevator industry.